Mar 18, 2012

7DRL 2012 Success: Drakefire Chasm

It's getting pretty hard to keep my eyes open; I've been coding the last 24 hours. So I'll keep this short.

The game's there:

Should work on your windows machine regardless of the many bugs it has. No idea how's the balance. The game might still be too hard.

No readme nor anything is included. [Update: now there is.]

I'll post something more tomorrow, after I've slept. Over and out.


  1. 1. 72751 Great Wyrm. Won in 2831 turns. Mon Mar 19 08:05:48 2012

    That was my third try with zero STR skills. I don't think it was too hard. Could have been more challenging as well.

    I'd say you've outdone yourself, this game was awesome. Simple, but awesome. I'll definately be waiting for v2. Also, no bugs to report.

  2. Damn this game is hard. But it is really fun. I have died about 10 times. I will not give up. Not until I at least see level 2.

  3. Hey, just finished playing a whole bunch last night, great work! The abilities tree is surprisingly deep. I've only got to level 8 so far but I'll kill all those bastards yet!

  4. Congratulations for such a good game!

    I have added Drakefire Chasm support to Necklace of the Eye:

  5. Thanks for playing everyone!

    And that's kinda awesome, Zeno Rogue. :D