Mar 8, 2016

7DRL Day 2: Déjà Vu

It sure is looking much like last year at this point. I would probably be further if I hadn't started rewriting stuff. I also made the will and sanity bars animate like I have in my super secret project but it didn't look as good so that was time wasted. Instead I made them simply lerp between a dark and brighter color.

I wanted to have skippable animations (namely ranged and area attacks) in this game and so I spent a good while figuring out how to do it. In the end it was quite simple and now works -- for melee at least. But ranged attacks shouldn't be that much different once I get to implement them.

Speaking of ranged attacks, I think I will skip on making proper targeting and projectiles flying through unoccupied trajectories. Coding those is always such a pain. I could copy the code from Drakefire Chasm or Rogue Effect but that is also quite a lot of work since I would need to edit the code to work in this game. I think that I will just a have simple target cycling and projectiles will take shortcuts through walls to hit a target you can see.

Tomorrow, I will get at least the pawns act and start working on map gen. I will need more than two types of levels for this game.

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