Dec 31, 2013

Drakefire Chasm v1.3.2 Released

I ended up playing Drakefire Chasm during christmas and decided to fix couple bugs I encountered while doing so. Not a huge list of changes but still somewhat a surprise release for a game I thought not to work on anymore.

Nov 8, 2013

Rogue Effect v0.1.0 Released (Happy N7 Day!)

The end of October managed to slip by without a release. The N7 Day was too an appropriate date to miss, however. Thus I decided to put at least something together. (Let's pretend it's still Thursday here.) And so here it is; the first release of Rogue Effect.

Sep 27, 2013

(Hardly a) Monthly RL: Faster Than Light

Maybe not even a roguelike, at least not a traditional one, but it's not like I've played any new ones in the recent months, so FTL: Faster Than Light will have to suffice. And it certainly has the appropriate difficulty. Though I did beat it in less than a week's time (on Normal).

Sep 22, 2013

No ARRP Release This Year

Unfortunately, this year's Annual Roguelike Release Party happens without a release from me. Rogue Effect isn't quite ready for that yet. It is in a fairly good shape, however. In fact, just this week there was a big leap in progress as my simple level generation method turned out to create satisfactory maps with very little effort. I'd expect a release before the end of October.

Mar 17, 2013

7DRL 2013: Failure

No luck this year. The reason for failure was definitely my indecisiveness. I just couldn't settle on the game mechanics; how much I should borrow from Mass Effect 3 or should I stay in-universe and try to stay faithful to the source material as much as possible.

Mar 10, 2013

7DRL Announcement: Rogue Effect

This year I will attempt to make a sci-fi themed seven day roguelike. It will be heavily inspired by Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, which I've been playing the past year. The civilizations of the galaxy will call the game... Rogue Effect. (dun dun dunnn)

Mar 9, 2013

Monthly RL: AliensRL

Since my 7DRL this year will be a sci-fi shooter (if I succeed that is), I thought it might be useful to scout out some ideas from existing shooter roguelikes. DoomRL I have already played, so I picked the next best thing; AliensRL. Which is made by the same guy, btw -- Kornel Kisielewicz.

Jan 31, 2013

Monthly RL: Tales of Maj'Eyal

I thought I should get back to playing those roguelikes. And what would be a better game to start with than the one that has won the Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year title three times in a row and is now finally out of beta.