Mar 31, 2012

Monthly RL: Vicious Orcs

I decided to try a roguelike that uses libtcod for a change and ended up downloading Jeff Lait's "once again even still yet another" 7DRL, Vicious Orcs, one of the last year's entries.

Mar 20, 2012

Drakefire Chasm v1.0.1 Released

I fixed the incorrect vi keys the first release had (h and k were switched around). I also changed 'l'ook to e'x'amine since it was conflicting with the vi move east. (D'oh.)

Mar 18, 2012

7DRL 2012 Success: Drakefire Chasm

It's getting pretty hard to keep my eyes open; I've been coding the last 24 hours. So I'll keep this short.

Mar 11, 2012

7DRL Announcement: Drakefire Chasm

Drakefire Chasm is known for its dragon inhabitants. Over the decades, brave and greedy adventurers have dwindled down the numbers of the scalykind, however, yet some still remain, and the many caves of the Chasm keep drawing treasure hunters even today.