Dec 27, 2011

Rings of Valor v1.0.1 Released (Bug Fix)

Andrew Doull gave a good advice on his blog yesterday:"If you're going to release a new version of your game, don't do it just before you go on holiday.". Sadly, he gave it too late, and the past few days a certain bug in RoV 1.0 has been bugging me. But I decided to wait fixing it until I get back home. And instead I read Game of Thrones, the first book of Song of Ice and Fire.

At least the bug wasn't game stopping, just annoying. When I removed save game deletion (it was pretty pointless) and added more frequent saving (to prevent save game losses due to possible crashes) in the previous release, I forgot to make the game delete the save file when the tournament and/or ladder season had ended (in victory or defeat). And thus when launching the game, it would load the save file again.

Now that's been fixed. I also made couple other tweaks while I was at it. Damn those Battleminds were being hard to kill.

Changelog for v1.0.1 - 27.12.2011:
  * Save files should now be properly deleted when a tournament/ladder season has ended
  * The game can now be closed (without saving) in matches as well by pressing Alt F4 or clicking the window close button
  * Target becoming invisible should now properly cause AI players to switch to another target
  * Battlemind's Psionic Vigor now heals for 200/280/360 (down from 300/420/540)
  * Unlocked Achievements now have a bigger effect on the total score

On a related note, Tales of Maj'Eyal won the title of ASCII Dreams roguelike of the year. I tried it myself a long way back and it's almost a different game now, but I've decided to wait until it comes off beta before I play it again.

Also, few kind souls thought Rings of Valor was worth giving a vote to (6 in total). I thank you for that, whoever you were. See you next year with a new title. (I hope.)


  1. Ah, this sneaked past me since there wasn't a Roguebasin update! Congrats on the fixin'

  2. This game is fucking awesome. Thank you so much for committing your time and intellect. I'll happily give everything you release a play (or many).