Sep 21, 2014

ARRP 2014: Rogue Effect v0.4 Released

People seem to have forgotten this year's Annual Roguelike Release Party. It should be this weekend as it's been six months from the 7DRL Challenge (or so I've been told). Maybe someone should've put up a page for it on Roguebasin. Maybe that someone should've been me. I was going to but never did. And now it feels a bit too late...

Nonetheless, party or no, I decided to throw out a release since I didn't do so last year. I planned to get version 0.4 of Rogue Effect ready last weekend but it unexpectedly took me two days to get one new player class in. And thus so I sort of got only halfway through the features I planned for this release. I guess the next version will be out sooner then.

The highlights of this release are the two new player classes -- Human Adept and Engineer -- and floating combat text, which is on the Sparse setting by default. On Verbose, it gets quite spammy with all the damage numbers. The feature can also be turned completely off.

There are some notable bugs in this version I didn't get to fix yet. One of them game-stopping; the game sometimes goes into an infinite loop when the hacking objective is about to complete. May be related to the reward loot dropping and not finding an empty spots or something.

And the game's still quite hard. I had a really promising run with the olde human soldier (Indra and Geth Plasma Shotgun as weapons). But then on floor 10 I found the spawnlimits weren't working correctly (fixed now) and I faced three Atlases at once. Which was too much to handle.

Download: Rogue Effect v0.4 (Windows)

v0.4 - 2014-09-21

 New features:
 * Two new player classes: Human Adept, Human Engineer
 * Floating combat text (adjustable via the options menu)

 * Medi-gel, shield packs, and missiles rewarded from completing a secondary objective are now added directly into the player's inventory
 * Moved the announcer's lines from the message log to the unused row above the map
 * Guardians' M-358 Talons have been replaced with M-5 Phalanxes
 * Nemeses now take shots less often (it should no longer be possible to get killed by a single Nemesis)
 * Atlases, Cerberus Turrets, and Guardians (with riot shields) no longer benefit from low cover
 * Decreased Atlases' movement speed by 50%
 * Halved the energy cost for disable device action (should make the devices objective bit easier)
 * Human Soldier's melee now does 75% of normal damage against armor (down from 100%)
 * Guardians now change color (to gray from white) when their riot shields are removed
 * Reduced the damage of power combos by 25%

 * Enemy spawnlimits were not working correctly on floor 10
 * Fixed a bug in checking if an entity has shields
 * Correct enemy armor value is now used against melee attacks
 * Fixed a bug that prevented Guardians getting movement speed increase when their riot shields were removed
 * Guardians were incorrectly blocking shots fired at their backs
 * Frag Grenade was using Concussive Shot's rank for determining the strength of combo detonations
 * Tech Burst's animation wasn't using the correct characters
 * Fixed a cooldown bonus display error in the inventory screen

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  1. Glad to see another release of this! and looking forward to the sooner than later patch to come that you mentioned. Even in an early stage (assuming by ver number being 0.x) it's quite enjoyable and playable.