Dec 17, 2012

Drakefire Chasm v1.3.1 Released

'Tis a fairly small release, though I did finally manage to track down certain targeting bug that has been in the game since the beginning.

I did a handful of balance tweaks as well; many of the weak will abilities got buffed. Ball breath is more viable option to choose now, too. In fact, I beat the game with it while playtesting.

I also renamed the unique adventurers. It was silly to give them names after Warcraft characters with one letter changed even though 11 of the 12 adventurer types are very much inspired by WoW's player classes. It started to annoy me for various reasons and thus they now have somewhat better names.

And if you haven't already, you should totally head to Mr. Doull's blog and vote for Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year. (You can pick as many as you want!)

Download: Drakefire Chasm v1.3.1 (Windows)

Changelog for v1.3.1:

Ability tweaks:
* Increased the range of Blink by 1
* Increased the range and radius of Ball Breath by 1
* Damage increased by 50%: Ball Breath, Firebolt
* Damage increased by 100%: Acid Fog, Blightbolt, Chain Lightning, Flamestrike, Ice Shard, Stinking Cloud, Thunderclap
* Increased Chain Lightning's jump multiplier by 25%

* Fixed a bug that allowed out-of-range targeting
* Chain Lightning should no longer crash the game nor jump through walls
* Paladin's Lay on Hands was generating its message twice when cast on oneself
* "(more)" text should no longer be able to go offscreen
* Corrected enemy wounded status description for two targeting modes
* Corrected few ability descriptions

Minor changes:
* Changed the names of the named adventurers
* Deathknight's Death Grip now tries to pull its target the shortest distance possible

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