Sep 15, 2011

Rings of Valor v0.5.7 Alpha

I'm releasing an Alpha version of Rings of Valor today for friends and family to (hopefully) get some feedback while working on the Beta release for Sunday.

The final game mode, Ladder, has now been added to the game. Finishing it will take approximately nearly three hours, and I haven't completed it myself yet. It also seemed pretty hard -- I got stuck around 1500 rating (the average). Maybe my team consisting of a Tiefling Warlock, an Eladrin Wizard, and a Human Cleric wasn't the best possible combination.

Speaking of which; I also added descriptions for the races and classes included so far in character generation. I think that was a reasonably important addition.

For the Beta release, I'm planning on adding random names for teams and the AI gladiators, and the ability to set your profile name. And while I'm on that, I will probably make the game save its settings. Thus, looking at my development scheme, on Sunday there should be Rings of Valor 0.6.7 Beta available for download.

On a sadder note, today morning I received a text message from my parents; Jokke (the cat whose pic I tend use in profile pics) had passed away in his sleep last night at the age of 17. Old age had started to weight on him this year and the past few months he had been getting really thin for not having a proper appetite.

He had gotten slightly better the past week, but I guess he was just spending the last driplets of life he had left. I added a little in memoriam in the credits of RoV. Let that be his memorial.

Jokke (1.3.1994 - 15.9.2011)

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