Apr 4, 2011

Spell Effect Reflections

I just added reflections to URLP's spell effects as inspired by Brogue. I didn't use cell background colors to do this, though, as they still look ugly unless they are used correctly (imho), which is not happening in URLP. Instead, I lerp'd the foreground colors with the spell effect color. It's quite simple really but adds again a nice touch to the game.

I also made the cone effect to look more natural. The ball effect still looks bit silly, however. I better improve it aswell while I'm on it.


  1. The ball effect can use a fadeout like the cone, rather than disappearing instantly.

    You can try from the inside out for a nova-like effect, or from the outside-in for a more traditional fireball effect.

    Looking good!

    Ebyan "Nolithius" Alvarez-Buylla

  2. I went with the nova approach.

    I wonder what you mean with outside-in being traditional, though. Surely an imploding fireball is not that common. Or is it? ;o

  3. What my eyes were expecting from the fireball was for it to gain a constant amount of area each tick, so it would start out explosive and then decelerate.