Mar 16, 2011

Hard-Coded Creatures, Items, and Maps

After the failed 7DRL attempt, I returned to URLP with great enthusiasm. As I pointed it out in this post, I would need to do something about the game's data files in the future, as plain text files are way too easily edited. I chose hard-coding.

Mar 10, 2011

7DRL Day 4: Performance Issues

I ran into issues with realtime loop and decided to use turn by turn in game. Except that even that doesn't work as smooth as it should. It's playable, but when compared to URLP, LoaD seems like a crawl and I have no friggin idea why.

Mar 7, 2011

7DRL Day 2: Still Fancy Menus

But at least they are now complete enough for me to start actually making the game. Screenshots below.

7DRL Day 1: Fancy Menus

Or "I accidentally Neverwinter Nights".