Oct 19, 2010

Progress Update

I guess it is time for a small progress update...

I have just finished devicing the third chapter of the game. It's probably the longest one but not the last - there will be five/six in total. Also, I already thought about few boss encounters; I think they will be quite cool when I can finally implement them into the game.

The final boss's name finally found its final form, but sadly I can't reveal it. However, I can promise you it strikes fear into your heart the moment you hear/read it for the first time.

Or not.

I almost finished coding the character screen, or rather, its second page - there was just way too much information to stuff into one 80x25 screen.

Luck and Fear are now implemented, as is Time, which was a bit bigger design progress; months and days needed names.

Even though there's now in-game time, spell/buff durations will stay in Turns, as it's clearer, not as subjective as Time is - your speed affects how fast time passes per turn. Time is more a fluffy element anyway, at least until I add some time goal.

Lastly, I copied the target health bar feature from Angband. A most useful thing to have.

That's all.

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