Aug 14, 2010

Player Classes Done

Today, I finished the ranger class, although I had to skip a bunch of abilities again - mostly traps and stuff that involves ranger's animal companion - as traps and creatures are not yet far enough in development.

Now I get to think what I should next. However, I already found something to keep me busy for couple hours. It is such an essential thing I don't understand why I skipped doing it until now: adding the player's spell power to spell damage.

I also found myself concerned with the niche of the cleric class - it doesn't exist! All the other classes have a unique mechanic or two, but not cleric. It doesn't mean cleric is less powerful than the others, it just feels a bit... plain? I wonder what I should do about that, maybe change few abilities or something. Or maybe just leave it like it is. I don't know.

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