Mar 8, 2015

7DRL Announcement: Checkmate in Rouge

After much thought, I eventually ended up taking part in this year's 7DRL Challenge. During the past week, my original idea grew so far beyond of what I would want to attempt to create in seven days that I decided to ditch it. That left me without a plan and thus the hesitation.

In the end, I decided I will be using my last year's failed attempt (AliceRL) but with much reduced scope – I will include only the parts I really liked in the plan. The game's name comes from a section in American McGee's Alice called "Checkmate in Red" but with the color changed to the common misspelling of rogue that also happens to mean red in French.

I'll be using C++ and libtcod as always.

By next week, around this time, I will have hopefully succeeded in the challenge (for a change)!

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