Dec 31, 2014

Rogue Effect v0.5 Released (Happy New Year's Eve)

It's time for a release again. It's long overdue and the next one will probably take just as long. So don't hold your breath. I do plan to get Rogue Effect to 1.0 during the next year, though. And I sure do hope I succeed 'cause I'd really like to work on something else for a change.

The highlights of this release are the three Human classes: Sentinel, Infiltrator, and Vanguard. There's a cool death/victory screen to recap your run now as well. I also made the game easier by removing enemy damage scaling with player level. And thanks to that, I managed to actually beat the game for the first time! I might reintroduce the scaling later on as hard (impossible) mode or something.

The main things I will add in future versions are 12 new player classes (3 per release) and a small achievement/challenge system for the final 1.0.

A word of warning: While testing this release on my netbook just minutes ago, I noticed that spawning Engineer's Combat Drone might crash the game. I tried to fix a bug yesterday and apparently made it worse. Unfortunately I also made it the default power for the class earlier. I will probably do a stealth release (v0.5.1) soon, but in the mean time I'd suggest avoiding the Human Engineer.

Download: Rogue Effect v0.5.1 (Windows)

v0.5 - 2014-12-31

 New features:
 * Three new player classes: Human Sentinel, Infiltrator, and Vanguard
 * A death/victory screen

 Changes and minor additions:
 * Added many stats to the character screen
 * Enemy damage no longer scales with player level
 * Most attacks have now a force value that may cause enemies/the player to stagger
 * Being flung back by powers now damages enemies
 * Melee attacks no longer ignore shield gate
 * Enemy melee attacks now generate a message
 * Human Engineer now starts with one point in Combat Drone instead of Overload
 * Non-consumable items and stairs to the next level are now shown on the radar when the current level is clear from enemies
 * Changed the color of weapon benches to red
 * Doubled the durability of weapon benches and counters
 * Tweaked the appearance of the main menu a bit

 * Finally fixed all remaining display errors in the objective info (I hope)
 * Turn counter wasn't working properly (which caused all kinds of silliness)
 * Some of Frag Grenade's evolutions weren't applying their bonuses correctly
 * Combat Drone can no longer be spawned outside the player's field of vision
 * Many powers were displaying their recharge speed incorrectly if power recharge bonus was negative


  1. OMG this is freakin awesome! I love Mass Effect and Roguelikes! Thank you so much for putting effort into this game and making it possible!

  2. Any chance of Linux or Mac builds? If not source available (for the sake of compiling it)? It looks so awesome!

    1. No plans to release for Linux/Mac.

    2. Oh, any reason -- whatsoever technical -- for that?

  3. The game closed a few times on me when I vanguard charged into a guardian - any idea on that? It doesn't even show any error messages or leave any logs, just closes. Please take a look at that if possible because I completely adore high risk high reward vanguard playstyle.

    1. Yeah, I encountered the bug, too. I can't promise a fix soon as I need to locate the cause first and that might take awhile in this case. But I am looking into it.

  4. Tactical cloak for infiltrator doesn't seem to be working. I keep getting shot at when I'm invisible. Could you fix this bug?