Jul 27, 2014

Rogue Effect v0.3 Changelog

The changelog for this version grew bit too long to be included in the release post...

v0.3 - 2014-07-27

 * Added floor progression (the game is now winnable)
 * Added three secondary objectives: Assassinate, Devices, and Hack (a random one appears on floors 3, 6, and 10)
 * Added six new enemy types: Nemesis, Guardian, Combat Engineer, Cerberus Turret, Phantom, and Atlas

 Shooting and combat in general:
 * Removed aiming mode to streamline gameplay
 * Changed how accuracy is calculated for headshots
 * The player now starts with 95-100 headshot range (increased from 100-100)
 * Shooting from cover now grants a 30% bonus to weapon stability
 * Projectiles now take a more favorable trajectory in order to hit a target
 * Reloading a weapon after firing it is now faster in game time (mostly noticeable with slow firing weapons)
 * Grenades are now less likely to stay on top of an obstacle they happen to land on
 * Doubled the speed of switching weapons
 * Melee damage bonuses were not working
 * Doubled the player's shield and health gate durations
 * Fixed a possible bug with shield gate
 * Explosions weren't applying power effects on targets (like Concussive Shot's knockback)
 * Fixed a bug causing a crash when grabbing an enemy

 * Enemies now spawn farther away from the player
 * Hopefully fixed a bug that caused enemies to spawn in odd places
 * Enemy damage now scales with player level
 * Reduced enemy health and shields by ~30%
 * Increased enemy shield regeneration delay by ~20%
 * Made Assault Troopers and Centurions less aggressive
 * Decreased the movement speed of Assault Troopers and Centurions by 20%
 * Slightly increased Centurion's melee damage
 * Fixed various bugs in pathfinding and AI
 * Fixed a bug that caused unarmored enemies (and the player) to have damage reduction
 * Enemies now leave corpses and spray more blood around
 * Enemies now drop only grenades and thermal clips as loot
 * Mostly fixed couple bugs with entities vaulting over the same obstacle or into the same cell

 * Scope mods now increase weapon accuracy by 15% (down from 35%)
 * Geth Plasma Shotgun's projectiles now home in when distance to the target is 15 or less
 * Weapon mods are now picked up automatically
 * Weapon bonus items now have a slightly different icon
 * Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope now highlights enemies through smoke like it was supposed to
 * The Javelin now also highlights enemies through smoke as well as walls if the enemies are near enough
 * Fixed a bug that caused cover penetrating projectiles to lose all their damage
 * The Cobra Missile was using the previously wielded weapon's rate of fire when fired
 * The Cobra Missile now ignores enemy shield gate
 * Cyclonic Modulator's description had an incorrect value

 * A set amount of loot now spawns on the floors without a secondary objective
 * Objectives reward loot upon completion (amount based on the speed the objective was completed)
 * Made ammo boxes rarer and randomized the amount of clips/grenades inside
 * Slightly increased the brightness of floor
 * Medals for surviving three, six, and ten floors are now being awarded
 * Walls and such can no longer be destroyed by pushing crates into them
 * Reduced the durability of walls by 80%

 * Added action icon hints for possible grabs and vaults (can be disabled in the options menu)
 * Removed autotarget setting from the options menu (the in-game toggle remains)
 * Power cooldowns and durations are now shown in more accurate values in the power upgrade screen
 * Fixed a display error in Concussive Shot's recharge speed
 * Added a number in the inventory screen to indicate the amount of mods found for a weapon type
 * Keypresses are now stored in buffer off-turn to improve responsiveness

 * Fixed a bug causing the game to sometimes crash when returning to the main menu
 * The fade-in from the title screen no longer gets stuck if a new game is started before its completion

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