Apr 6, 2014

Oh, right; that 7DRL (and about Rogue Effect as well)

This year's 7DRL Challenge went much like last year's for me, i.e. it resulted in failure (as is probably obvious at this point). I should've written this post weeks ago when the 7DRL was more relevant, but as it doesn't really make an interesting story, I guess I just didn't feel like it.

To put it briefly; after I had implemented map generation three days into the challenge, I simply lost all motivation to work on AliceRL. Was it because I was again trying to make a roguelike of a non-roguelike game and again had trouble deciding how I should do it? I don't know. I do know, however, that next year I will do something more original instead.

The challenge left me with a handful of ideas I'd like to use, though, and I'm looking forward to the next 7DRL.

Rogue Effect has been coming along nicely, or at least I've put hours of work into it since the 7DRL. Among other things, I've been trying to solve the issue of the game failing to launch (without compatibility mode) outside my desktop PC. And couple times I already thought I had found the reason. The second time I even tweeted of it as the game launched successfully on my netbook without comp. mode. Then I tried moving the game folder to a different location and it was the same shit again.

It's like stars and planets need to align or something. I also received a report of RE not working even with compatibility mode on, which is unfortunate and beyond me. Why does the compatibility mode even help in the first place? I mean, I have a bunch of libtcod projects, all set up pretty much the same way, and for some reason Rogue Effect is the only one that has this weird problem (as far as I know anyway).

I've kind of lost interest in trying to solve it as this point, as I'd rather work on other stuff. Like adding floor progression and rest of the enemy types. The latter has been more difficult than I anticipated as getting the enemies to act the right way hasn't been easy. The two bugs I found in pathfinding didn't help either.

I've been also pondering the difficulty of the game. I can complete the first floor without spending missiles etc., but it involves over-cover-grabbing half of the enemies. And while you can do that in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer too... well, it's bit silly. Also jumping into a Silver match solo against Cerberus as level one human soldier with unmodded rank 10 Avenger and Mantis -- what Rogue Effect currently tries to recreate -- may be too much.

So I will definitely do something about it. Not by buffing the Avenger, mind you. Even though the lore says it's deadly when fired full auto, anyone who has played ME3 on harder difficulties knows it's everything but that. At least without mods and gear. And even then it pales in comparison to the Cerberus Harrier. And that's how I want it to be.

I'll be back in the -- hopefully -- near future with v0.3 release.

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