Mar 8, 2014

Rogue Effect v0.2 Released

Four months since the initial release and the first level is still the only one Rogue Effect has. I can't say I'm happy with the progress. I have, however, enjoyed the time I have spent creating Mass Effect 3 style menus with libtcod. Quite satisfying.

But the actual full length game is not here yet. That will be the next version, I guess. Just thought I should put this out before the 7DRL -- which will hopefully end in success this year. (And hopefully stay as 7DRL, too, so that I can continue to work on this game.)

So, if you want to try your luck on the first level (again), here it is. Enemies no longer spawn infinitely, by the way. They now have a level budget that will eventually run out. And this is how it will also be once I get the rest of the enemy types and levels in.

A new title screen background, too. I realized that since the game is set on Sanctum, maybe it shouldn't have Earth in the title screen. So now there's some random, very blue planet. (Couldn't find a cool picture of Sanctum.)

Anyway, time to focus on the 7DRL. I'll probably start on Sunday.

Download: Rogue Effect v0.2

(If the game crashes on launch, try running it in Windows 7 compatility mode.)

v0.2 - 2014-03-08

 New features:
 * Doors, weapon benches, and ammo boxes
 * Lots of shiny menu stuff, including an options menu and a manual
 * Moving the cursor now works as examine for map features/items when no enemy is targeted

 Enemy changes:
 * Some AI tweaks
 * Assault troopers and centurions now use grenades
 * Enemies can now vault over cover

 Misc changes:
 * Modding a weapon now requires standing next to a weapon bench
 * Crates can now be pulled (in addition to being pushable)
 * Crates can now be pushed into drops (the crate will disappear)
 * Adjusted loot drops in preparation for the full length game
 * The game now informs of an item on the floor after moving by vaulting or dodging
 * Thermal clips and grenades are now picked up automatically if there is room
 * Alliance Training evolution 6a now grants weapon reload speed instead of reducing weapon weight
 * Removed exp gains from the kill feed (will be shown as floating combat text in future)

 * Weapon mods are now placed under the correct weapon type when picked up
 * Common rarity weapon mods weren't dropping from enemies
 * Items can now drop in the same cell with an entity
 * Fixed a cooldown display error in the character screen
 * Fixed a math error in calculating entity movement speed
 * Fixed various other minor bugs
 * Game turn logic wasn't working as intended
 * Exp gain wasn't stopping at character level 20
 * Character level 7 was only rewarding 3 points instead of 4
 * Killstreak medals should now be rewarded correctly

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  1. Looks good, really hard tho! Looking foward to advances on this project