Mar 17, 2013

7DRL 2013: Failure

No luck this year. The reason for failure was definitely my indecisiveness. I just couldn't settle on the game mechanics; how much I should borrow from Mass Effect 3 or should I stay in-universe and try to stay faithful to the source material as much as possible.

Mar 10, 2013

7DRL Announcement: Rogue Effect

This year I will attempt to make a sci-fi themed seven day roguelike. It will be heavily inspired by Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, which I've been playing the past year. The civilizations of the galaxy will call the game... Rogue Effect. (dun dun dunnn)

Mar 9, 2013

Monthly RL: AliensRL

Since my 7DRL this year will be a sci-fi shooter (if I succeed that is), I thought it might be useful to scout out some ideas from existing shooter roguelikes. DoomRL I have already played, so I picked the next best thing; AliensRL. Which is made by the same guy, btw -- Kornel Kisielewicz.