Apr 30, 2012

Monthly RL: HyperRogue

Somehow this managed to slip to the last day of the month again. And instead of Jacob's Matrix, I played a bit of HyperRogue, made by Z (Necklace of the Eye, Hydra Slayer).

I did try Jacob's Matrix at first but for some reason I didn't feel like playing it at all, and decided to find something that was easier to get into. Before #rgrd suggested HyperRogue, I also tried Triangle Wizard and TreeBurner. The latter didn't have enough meat in it (being a 4DRL) and at some point of Triangle Wizard's lengthy tutorial I decided I don't want to play a game that probably uses the whole keyboard for controls.

And so I launched up HyperRogue to marvel the curious presentation. The first thing I learned was that objects on the horizon are closer than they appear; it only takes seven steps to reach the furthest visible point. And closing creatures are in your face even faster, which is a bad thing since it takes only one hit to kill you.

This works both ways, though. Thus enemies conga-lining to you would be the preferred situation, but of course things get more complicated. Already in the first area, in fact, where ice walls melt when you stay long enough next to them and nasties may get more routes to you. There appeared to be quite a few different zones each with its own inhabitants.

Killing enemies and collecting treasure unlocks even more areas and the ultimate goal is to find the Orb of Yendor in Hell. I didn't get quite that far yet; my best attempt ended with getting trapped between walls that sprout from some dying troll fellows.

So yeah, one might want to try this one out, if only for the odd perspective.

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