Mar 11, 2012

7DRL Announcement: Drakefire Chasm

Drakefire Chasm is known for its dragon inhabitants. Over the decades, brave and greedy adventurers have dwindled down the numbers of the scalykind, however, yet some still remain, and the many caves of the Chasm keep drawing treasure hunters even today.

You play as a freshly born wyrmling, trying to survive and prosper in the old home of dragons. Eat lesser beings, hoard riches, defeat your foes, and finally become a great wyrm, the most terrifying and noblest of creatures.

Since I didn't really get into making the actual game last year before I got thwarted by some weird performance issue, I'm trying again with the same theme, though with a new name and greatly reduced amount of planned content.

The clock will stop running on next week's Sunday at 18:45 (GMT+2). I'll be using libtcod and old code when possible.

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