Jan 23, 2012

Future Plans

I figured I should make a post about what will happen on this blog this year and what are my plans on roguelike development. I was going to write this a week ago already but a certain RPG was keeping me busy.

First of all, not a single line of code has yet been written for my new roguelike project. However, I'm starting on that this week since I think I have now the most important mechanics laid out. The game has a name but it will remain a secret for the time being.

But I can say that it is a roguelike with RPG elements in style of ADOM, including an overworld map. I'm aiming for a low(ish) magic theme; the Hyborian Age and Diablo II being large sources of influence. The Witcher gave me couple ideas as well.

I hope to keep the game tight and simple but complex enough to allow varying approaches. I'm also very interested to see how the user interface turns out; I have some truly great ideas.

The X Day Roguelike challenges haven't really been great successes for me (yet) but I'll probably take part again in the 7DRL Challenge this year. I'm definitely a better programmer now and if I stay with C++ and libtcod, I might actually produce something playable this time. The voting for the date of this year's challenge is still active couple more days.

And lastly, I'm moving my Monthly Roguelike series to this blog from Patterns in Randomness, as the subject is maybe more relevant to this one. Its simple idea is that I play a different roguelike each month and then write about it. Consider it a first impressions series. I will try to keep it interesting since someone else besides me might read this blog.

There are other game design related posts I'd like to do as well. It remains to be seen if I ever to manage to write them, though.

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  1. Sounds like good company with JADE, Legend of Siegfried, Middlecrest, Rayel, and so forth. Here's hoping for some good eventual fullscreen action, Necklace of the Eye and Brogue both managed this recently and it really adds to the immersion factor when it cooperates.