Sep 19, 2011

ARRP 2011: Rings of Valor 0.6.7 Beta Release

I ended up working on the game the whole day, adding a few features I had planned and few that were suggested during the short alpha phase. And now it's not even Sunday here anymore.

But anyway, here it is, my contribution to ARRP 2011:

Pay in mind that Rings of Valor requires a minimum resolution of 1024x600 pixels. I designed it for a netbook but I think some older ones have even smaller screens.

Change log:
 + Saving and loading
 + Random team and gladiator names
 + A slow mode -- slows down the matches by ~25%
 + Pause key (Enter)
 + Class and race info on Target frames
 + Kinder target acquiring (The player is less often the first to die.)


  1. This is a well-built game. Can't wait to download the next patch!

  2. Thanks! I'm having some computer trouble atm so the next version will get delayed. Not that I had an ETA before but yeah...