Jun 23, 2011

Arena the Roguelike Quick Preview

It's still in early development but I wanted to post a quick preview of what it's about and how it looks so far, before I leave my internet connection for a while. I still haven't come up with a proper name so I'm just calling it Arena the Roguelike for the moment.

Arena the RL is a 3v3 arena game where you with two AI controlled team mates try to defeat the opposing, AI controlled team. It's inspired by Bloodline Champions, World of Warcraft, and Dungeons & Dragons.

There will be three different play modes: Quick Match, Single Elimination Tournament, and Ladder. You are able to choose your character's race and class (team members aswell in Tournament and Ladder), and you gain levels during (Quick Match) or after matches, which allow you to level up your abilities. In Ladder mode there will also be gear to purchase.

What got me to this project was a need to make a roguelike that I can play on my netbook wherever, thus the game's controls require no numpad or mouse (at least not during a match). Also, its resolution is set to fill my netbook's screen -- 1024x600 when in fullscreen -- although it doesn't completely use the space due to the font I use (600 / 16 = 37.5).

My goal is to get this done for this year's annual roguelike release party, and I think it's very likely I'll succeed in that. After that, it's back to URLP, to which I'm currently adding ranged monsters. I haven't really worked on that as much as I should have.

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