Nov 28, 2010

This Is What I Want

This is what I want URLP to be...

(Watch on Youtube for better quality (720p).)

Of course, there can't be fancy graphics, memories of beating a boss(es) for the first time with 24 other guys year (or two) ago, nor realtime panic action (URLP being turn-based and stuff).

But what there can, hopefully, be, is knowing that you can't do mistakes; all your actions have to be carefully thought-out, and you must use all your tricks or you risk of dying and starting from the beginning again (from the very beginning in a roguelike).

And unlike beating an old-content boss in WoW, you can actually get still useful phat lewts in URLP for all your troubles.

I had forgotten (at least mostly) this original goal of mine but recalled it yesterday, when I was watching these solo videos at Warcraft Movies. I think I may have to review the abilities and talents of each class to ensure they can all have their bags full of tricks.

But yeah, that's the goal; to have hard boss fights...

And oh, I like in the video how the warlock uses Demonic Circle to teleport himself to Al'ar to prevent him casting flame buffet for no one being in melee range until the demon minion gets there. The warlock also uses Metamorphosis to survive Al'ar's melee attacks. Kinda obvious things to do, but that's what I mean; all your tricks.

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