Aug 2, 2010

A New Blog

So... this blog's been on its way for some time now. I felt I needed to have a blog focusing on programming only, instead of just having it as one of the subjects in Patterns in Randomness. And thus, do {...} while(compiling); was created and all posts regarding programming removed from PiR. In case you're wondering, I think you can pronounce the title simply like it's written in the url.

Since creating my second blog, Fear Not the Psyker, Blogger has introduced a new and shiny Template Designer, which, quite frankly, offers some horrible looking base templates for new blogs. I'd have preferred the old ones. Of course, one could edit their code as always, but I just went and copied PiR's code. I changed the colors a bit, though. (Actually to correspond URLP's (see below) color theme.)

The art in the blog banner is (as seen from the link included) from xkcd - the most awesome web comic, at least in my opinion. xkcd is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License, which in my understanding allows a usage of this kind. You can see the whole strip (I had to cut it slightly) at xkcd, but I'll just add it here anyway, the title text included.

More about the blog's content... I think I'll be mostly posting stuff regarding my ongoing roguelike project, the Untitled Roguelike Project. The game actually has a proper name already, but I'd prefer to use the working title until it's in some sort of releasable state. Regrettably, I'll also be rather secretive about URLP's features - I feel it has some really cool things I don't want anyone copying too early, so I'll never go in too much detail about them. And obviously, the source code is not open. But enough of that... I'll post more about URLP later.

In addition to URLP, this blog will include my experiences with the programming languages I use or should be using, IDE's, and anything that has something to do with programming. I don't claim to an expert in any of those, more like a novice, but it's all about learning, isn't it.

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