Aug 6, 2010

Many Shot Finally Working

I just completed coding ranger's Many Shot ability. I started on it last Friday, then spent the whole weekend refactoring half of the (spell) targeting system, so that Many Shot's targeting wouldn't differ from the rest. After targeting worked (quite awesome btw), I still had to make Many Shot actually shoot those 2+ arrows at the same time, animation included.

For some reason, I had trouble understanding what I really needed to do. But in the end, it all came together. I also found and fixed few bugs with arrow stacking and shooting.

Ranger is the last class I need to implement to achieve my goal of getting all the player classes done at the end of the summer, which is the last day of August. However, I've skipped a handful of abilities, which involve still undesigned item and creature interaction (e.g. wizard's Create/Recharge Wand and necromancer's Raise Skeleton), as I'd have to complete designing those first, and that would severely hamper my chances to reach the goal.

I haven't yet decided on what I'll work after the classes, but I think it might be more just planning than coding at first.

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